President Bashir hails activities of the Sudan Armed Forces in Yemen

Refugees from war-torn S. Sudan find ‘safety’ in Darfur

Sudan Vice President says his country committed to hosting refugees

Sudan FM expresses its condemnation to the terrorist attempt targeting Al- Haram al-Makki

: FM affirms its total rejection to all baseless allegations mentioned in Libyan Khalifa Hafter Forces' press conference

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Gms: Khartoum, June 23, 2017 (Sudan Vision)

Governor of Khartoum State, Abdul Rahim Mohamed Hussein, presented the plan and vision of his state on investment in livestock fields to increase production and increase exports in line with the directives of the senior leadership to achieve the outcomes of the five-year economic reform program.


Gms: Al-Fashir, June 21 (SUNA)

The European Union (EU) has agreed to finance the second phase of the Wadi El-Koua Basin Project in the North Darfur State at a sum of 10 million Euros and the implementation would start in October this year and last for five years.

The film (Al-Nawah) Core was shown at Hayat Regency Hotel. The 26 minute documentary tells the adventure of an American adventurer Nicholas who came to this village of Zaidab in River Nile state at the end of the 19th century when Sudan was under the British rule. Nicholas was accompanied by a number of his fellow citizens.

The famous Islamic scholar and preacher Dr. Abdul Hay Yusuf called upon the Sudanese Bureau for measurements and specifications to activate its mechanism to detect all kinds of forgery and fraud in the society. He said that the specifications were found in the early Moslem state and it was known as “Hisba”.

Gms: Medani, June 18 (SV)

Minister of Petroleum and Gas, Dr. Abdul Rahman Osman Abdul Rahman discussed with the Ambassador of the State of South Sudan to Khartoum, Mayan Dutt the possibility of restarting all suspended oil fields to work.